Thomas van Zuijlen - embedded front-end developer / scrum person

I'm an Amsterdam-based front-end developer and Scrum Master, with a passion for technology, design and the open Web. I've been desigining, shepherding and developing user interfaces for web applications since 2005.


Working for clients such as Schiphol Amsterdam Airport,, the Dutch Central Bank, ABN AMRO, Elmar Reizen and leading Dutch educational publisher, ThiemeMeulenhoff, I've helped create interfaces for web applications. Ideally, I do this while embedded in teams, either as a front-ender or a Scrum Master. In both capacities, I strive to find the best way to build a comfortably working product. I do this by aiming for my clients' goals and considering their clients' experience.

  • Schiphol Group
  • G+J Media
  • ABN AMRO MeesPierson
  • Dé VakantieDiscounter
  • ThiemeMeulenhoff


To my mind, anyone working iteratively, is best served by getting users involed soon, and by using agile methodologies. I am no exception - I prefer working in multi-disciplinary teams and I'm a Certified Scrum Master.

Thomas van Zuijlen in a daily scrum


Of course, each case has its own unique properties. But what always works, is to translate requirements into working prototypes and getting those in front of actual humans. Ask for input, listen, consider, rework, and start a new cycle.

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Pet peeves

Applications should be comfortable to use - and that means they should first and foremost not be dumb. There's a fine line between getting a thing to work, and getting a thing to work well. I think it's the front-end developer's responsibility to keep all parties involved on their toes to prevent applications (and forms!) from going limp.

I spoke about precisely this at a Pecha Kucha-style Fronteers meetup, airing my frustrations with some unfortunate examples and offering humble suggestions for improvement. This was in Dutch (and in near-dark, as the video wil show:


I love using Sublime Text to write HTML and Sass. Clearly, one indents using tabs, not spaces. After years of Subversion, Git is a wondrous joy for version control, and after years of Fireworks, it's still not the same with Sketch and Photoshop. My phone has a preposterously long list of chat icons, but I love tapping Slack's the most.

  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • Sublime Text
  • Git
  • Slack
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Axure