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馃オ The Scrum PB&J

A clinic for Product Owners & Scrum Masters, and the people that work with them
by Thomas van Zuijlen

Good by themselves, great together: the Product Owner and the Scrum Master are the peanut butter & jelly of the Scrum sandwich.


POs and Scrum Masters work in different ways to get the best out of their Scrum teams. To be effective, they also need to get the best out of each other: a relationship worthy of its own regular inspection and adaptation.

So in this two-hour session, we鈥檒l explore the balance between the Product Owner and the Scrum Master. Using your personal experience in a series of hands-on exercises, we鈥檒l get a clearer sense of what you need from your counterpart.

Join the clinic with your Scrum Master or Product Owner and excercise your agile muscles together -- our goal is to walk away with renewed insights and an improved sense of how to work together effectively towards a greater Scrum sandwich. Err, team balance.

Can鈥檛 bring your counterpart? Are you the developer bread in the Scrum sandwich? Have a different job title altogether? No problem: join in and share your perspective.


We review the practical demands the Scrum Guide puts on Product Owners and Scrum Masters. Then we use appreciative interviews to mine everyone's experience for successful patterns from everyday practice. We reflect individually and collectively, then formulate personal pledges and questions for our counterpart, to immediately put into practice.


Thomas van Zuijlen is a passionate facilitator and agile geek from the Netherlands. He works as a professional Scrum Master and has a knack for distributed teamwork. A former front-end developer and occasional quiz master, Thomas divides his time between the Netherlands and Lithuania. His weekly newsletter about agility and facilitation is called 馃摤 The Backlog.

馃オ The Scrum PB&J workshop at your event?

A hands-on workshop for agile practitioners to explore the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles in a series of engaging exercises, that help groups inspect their relationship and generate adaptive takeaways to use directly.

  • 120 minutes
  • 20-50 people
  • in English or in Dutch
  • intended audience: Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • level: adapts to audience
  • materials: flip-overs, post-its, markers
  • space: large room, chairs, no tables

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