Thomas van Zuijlen

is a passionate facilitator and an agile geek, working as a freelance Scrum Master

I have a decade-long background in agile development and a knack for working with diverse feature teams. With a positive outlook on everything​ and a strong interest in agile coaching, I put a lot of effort towards engaging and empowering teams to become effective at working together.

Work with me

You can hire me to design and facilitate your workshops, host your events, coach your Scrum Masters and work with your agile teams.

Get in touch via or by calling me on +31618318417.


Brands and clients I work for include NOS,, Dé VakantieDiscounter,, Ericsson, Leaseweb, Royal Schiphol Group, ThiemeMeulenhoff, Hyarchis and rb2.

Agile Camp

Together with Karlijn Moll, I organize ⛺️ Agile Camp NL, a two-day BarCamp event for the agile community at a spectacular location in Utrecht. Friday 1 + Saturday 2 Nov 2019. Tickets are €149 + VAT.

Talks & workshops

I am available for meetups and conferences - effective and engaging sessions are my jam.

My current workshop is called 🥪 The Scrum PB&J: a highly interactive clinic in which Product Owners and Scrum Masters can refresh their Scrum knowledge and increase their collaborative gains.