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Hi. I’m Thomas van Zuijlen. I am a passionate facilitator and an agile geek, working as a freelance Scrum Master and occasional quiz host.

You can hire me to...

  • design and facilitate your workshops
  • host your events
  • coach your Scrum Masters
  • work with your agile teams

Get in touch by calling me on +31618318417, or by dropping me a line via

About me

I have a decade-long background in agile development and a knack for working with diverse feature teams. With a positive outlook on everything​ and a strong interest in agile coaching, I engage teams to work together effectively.

I'm a political scientist turned front-end developer turned Scrum Master, with extensive experience in conference and meetup organisation.

I operate in the Netherlands and in Lithuania.

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I have proudly contributed to a variety of amazing clients and brands:

  • Royal Schiphol Group
  • Leaseweb
  • NOS
  • Ericsson
  • ThiemeMeulenhoff
  • WeTransfer
  • Dé VakantieDiscounter
  • rb2

Agile Camp

Together with Karlijn Moll, I organise ⛺️ Agile Camp NL, a two-day BarCamp event for the agile community at a spectacular location in Utrecht. The first edition took place on Friday 1 + Saturday 2 Nov 2019; we'll do it again this year on 23+24 October 2020!

Talks & workshops

I am available for meetups and conferences - effective and engaging sessions are my jam.

🥪 The Scrum PB&J

My current workshop is called 🥪 The Scrum PB&J: a highly interactive clinic in which Product Owners and Scrum Masters can refresh their Scrum knowledge and increase their collaborative gains.